Reuse of Bra Package

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Reuse of Bra Package

Post  allis2009 on Sun Jan 24, 2010 8:46 pm

How effectively can you reuse the bra package. Playtex brings out the 10 ways of reusing their bra package.

1. Purse Organizer
2. Photo Case
3. Yarn Dispenser
4. Travel Toiletry Bag
5. Travel Toy / Game Kit
6. Manicure Kit
7. Crayon Carrier
8. Undergarment Travel Bag
9. First Aid Kit
10. Recyle It

This is more specif to Playtex Bra Packages. To know more about recycling the bra package, visit their website.

Playtex Bras, Briefs and Camisoles are widely appreciated.

Playtex are into almost all the styles of a Bra, viz., Playtex Cotton Bras, Minimizer Bras, Underwire Bra, Nursing Bras, Shaping Bras and Seamless Bras


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