Stay away from extra Tummy

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Stay away from extra Tummy

Post  allis2009 on Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:08 am

Manufacturers claim that by wearing a Tummy Control Brief (shapewear), you can control the tummy to a great extent.

Tummy Control Briefs are for all women who want to look best. It is aimed at shaping the tummy well. Most of them come in everyday wear style. Some Tummy Control Briefs cover the full stomach while some cover only the lower part of the tummy. It can be worn for shaping the front part as well as side. Tummy Control Briefs come in seamless design. It should be there in everyone’s wardrobe. It is air tight to flatten the tummy. The materials used vary from cotton to nylon. These briefs are available in light to moderate control. As in many panties, Tummy Control Briefs too come in different colors.

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